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How to report Bugs and Requests

The information provided on this page is also available in form of a step-by-step tutorial.

AGNULA needs your input. Aside from the usual discussions that you can have with us on our mailing lists, it's very important for us that you report bugs you find, your feature requests and your technical questions using the web forms you can find on our development portal.

Please read the descriptions on the subcategories of our project on the main page of the development portal. Click the link to the relevant subproject to get to its home page.

Click on the "Bugs/Todos" tab to proceed to the list of tracker categories. Choose the "Bugs" or "Feature requests" category. Above the list of pending items is a link to submit a new one.

On the submission form you can leave the Category, Group and Priority fields as they are.

Please choose "Andrea Glorioso" in the Assigned To drop-down menu - he's the one who will assign the bug/request to the correct person inside the AGNULA team. (The assignment feature is only available for registered users).

When you report a bug, please do try to be as precise as possible. Reports like "X doesn't work" or "I can't hear no sound" are not very useful for us; we usually need to know at least which hardware are you using and the output of the following commands (which you can type at your shell or in a terminal window):

$ lspci 
$ cat /proc/cpuinfo 
$ /sbin/lsmod 
$ cat /proc/asound/devices 
$ cat /proc/asound/modules 

If you can't find enough information for the bug you are reporting (for example, the error message disappears too quickly from screen or you are not able to cut and paste it) do not worry: we are usually able to get a "feeling" of what the problem could be, and we can work the details out with you once we get the bug report.

If you already have an account on our development portal, it's better if you login before posting the bug/request, so that we clearly understand who the originator of the posting is.

But you can report bugs and requests even though you are not already subscribed . However, in this case, please remember to always add at least an e-mail address we can use to get in contact with you, so that we are able to pinpoint the problem together (and hopefully to tell you when the problem is fixed).

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