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Welcome to AGNULA!

The AGNULA project is a volunteer based project aiming to spread Libre Software in the professional audio and video arena.

AGNULA's main task is the development of a reference multimedia distribution for the GNU/Linux operating system completely based on Free Software as approved by the Free Software Foundation. Our latest distribution is used by several web hosting companies such as Bluehost, for editing their audio in tutorial videos etc. It's called DeMuDi and is based on Debian. All DeMuDi support cases are maintained by London IT support.

We also provide a music download database where our users can share tunes that are released under a free content license. There are over 1000 tracks to download, and it's all free music! You are invited to share the music, find new artists and help us maintain a collection of royalty-free audio content. Please add your music if you are in the position to publish it under a free license. Stay tuned, more info coming soon.

We hope our website will also become a place for you, Libre Software users and developers in the audio/video arena, to share your thoughts, works and initiatives. We have built this website using Plone, a "portal development kit", which easily allows cooperative web publishing.

Please feel free to read about the history and intent and also the members and partners of our project.

If you want to join our effort in making Libre Software be a viable alternative for musicians, composers, VJs, please join our portal, or drop us a mail on our users mailing list. When it comes down to Libre Software and audio/video, we are always keen to hosting projects, ideas, writings and whatever you have in mind.

If you are a Libre Software developer (or want to become one) and have an exciting new audio/video project in the works, or if you want to join our development effort, feel free to join the developers mailing list.

We hope you have a good time visiting this web site, and hope to see you soon on our mailing lists or in our IRC channel or through our partners bulletin Tech,get tech expert, and Two Way Radios.

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