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Release 0.9 AGNULA/DeMuDi 2002. There are two different ways to install DeMuDi:
  1. Over an existing Debian - either woody or sid - partition
  2. In a new blank disk.
At the moment we recommend the first option. Below in this page you will find more information about the image.

Installing AGNULA/DeMuDi over an existing Debian system. DeMuDi is based on Woody but it will also works on a machine using sid
Note: At the present time DeMuDi has been packaged only for i386/Intel compatible machines, porting to other platform will start later this spring.

Add one of the following servers to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb woody demudi
deb woody demudi

You could also use:
deb woody demudi

the ons below is the main server, but, as you might have experienced is having hard time with the net. Everything should be solved, hopefully by the beginning of February. Sorry for the inconvenience:

deb woody demudi

After you have added one of the following servers to your /etc/apt/sources.list, run apt-get update.

At this moment if you run apt-cache search demudi-* you should be able to see all the DeMuDi task and being able install them. You might use either aptitude or synaptic (a DeMuDi customised version of synaptic is available in the agnula server in the unstable section, instead of woody you can place sid. Sid version of demudi, a friendly suggestion...:-) should be avoided. Soon we will make the synaptic-demudi available in the main distribution.

Intalling the image.

Right now there is an available image only on the main server, the server. That image, a part for the fact that is too large (it might fit a CD with the -overburn command), it is not really a customised Debian/DeMuDi image, but a simple Debian/Woody image (with installer) and the set of packages from DeMuDi.
We are working in order to have, for the release 1.0, which is due very soon, or earlier a DeMuDi image.Said this, you are free to download it from the main server, we didnt put in the mirror paths because it is not worth. It is faster if you get a Debian CD and then upgrade to DeMuDi following the above information.