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De.Do ­ DeMuDi Documentation project allows to borwser all available documentation for DeMuDi Core APplications (available either in our demudi server or in the Debian repositories), Debian Sound ,and all Debian available packages .

De.Do. ­ DeMudi Documentation

  • You can find here the complete paper presentation on DeMuDi that we will present at ICMC2001.
    PDF and here HTML version

  • AGNULA Documentation
    Here you can find a first draft of the Agnula Documentation written by Dave Phillips. This documentation is a work in progress, so you mighr find sudden changes, temporary disappearance, errors, which you are invited to report to us...,and it will be also integrated in a better way into the distribution.
    1. Introduction
    2. First-Steps
    3. Alsa-Jack-Ladspa
    4. Audacity
    5. Ceres3
    6. Common Lisp
    7. Funktrakergold
    8. Mix
    9. Pd-Gem
    10. Snd
    11. Timidity