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DeMuDi is the DEbian MUltimedia DIstribution, a flavour of the Debian GNU/Linux Operating System, with specific audio packages, installation, auto-configuration and management procedures added by us.

If you want to contribute to AGNULA/DeMuDi, the first thing to do is to register an account on our GForge installation (if you haven't already done so) and subscribe to our [email protected] mailing list: all discussions on development issues are done here.

Here is a collection of some documentation you will find useful if you want to start hacking on AGNULA/DeMuDi. The list is no way complete - we'll add more items while we proceed on our work. If you spot any inaccuracies in it, please report them to [email protected] (for typos, broken links and similar errors) or to [email protected] (if you feel the error is conceptual and not simply aesthetical):

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