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November 30, 2002

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Last modified: Tue Jan 28 23:33:11 AST 2003

The GNU/Linux operating system is widely known as a robust base for running Internet servers, but has not reached yet a similar audience as a platform of choice for the musician and the multimedia artist. The DeMuDi project targets one reason of this issue, the lack of a GNU/Linux distribution oriented toward music and multimedia.
You may want to read the paper that was presented at ICMC2001 (International Computer Music conference 2001) September 2001, to have a more general idea of the porject goals.


(News Archive)

Tue 28 January 2003 23:31:52

Subject: DeMuDi irc,chat channel
there is a new chat channel on the demudi irc server available to everybody
open to discussions/suggestion/technical matters in general...
Here the coordinates:

irc:// or
server =
port = 6868
channel= #demudi

In any case follow the CONTACTS link.
marco trevisani

Tue 28 January 2003 00:51:38

Subject: Agnual Documentation
A first draft of the Agnula documentation, written by Dave Phillips,
is available. Follow the link DOCUMENTATION
Please be aware that it is a first draft, cinmplete in some part and,
if you find any error, please report it to us. Thank you
marco trevisani