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Tue 28 January 2003 23:31:52

Subject: DeMuDi irc,chat channel
there is a new chat channel on the demudi irc server available to everybody
open to discussions/suggestion/technical matters in general...
Here the coordinates:

irc:// or
server =
port = 6868
channel= #demudi

In any case follow the CONTACTS link.
marco trevisani

Tue 28 January 2003 00:51:38

Subject: Agnual Documentation
A first draft of the Agnula documentation, written by Dave Phillips,
is available. Follow the link DOCUMENTATION
Please be aware that it is a first draft, cinmplete in some part and,
if you find any error, please report it to us. Thank you
marco trevisani

Sat 25 January 2003 00:46:34

Subject: down
during the week end (January 25 - 26 , 2003) the server will be down, because some electrical rewiring will be done in the server room.
Main DeMuDi web site should be now proected from possible network trouble.
Some little changes in the all site...not that relevant. Added chat address under contacts etc...
marco trevisani

Fri 24 January 2003 17:26:58

Subject: Server + Downloads
Sorry for the long silence...Starting from now information and upgrade on this site should become more on time...

You will find some update instructions on how to dowload/upgrade your
DeMuDi system, either if your system is based on woody or sid.
check the DOWNLOAD menu section. You might find information on the (from the beginning of February network situation should become noticeably better).
During this week end i should upgrade a big part of the internal content of this site. Sorry for the long silence.

marco trevisani

Wed 10 July 2002 19:00:40

Subject: DeMuDi Agnula
Contrary to the general rule, where
silence = dead project, DeMuDi is in fact more than alive, and in very
good shape....:-)

DeMuDi is now part of a project funded by the European Community,
called AGNULA,

That is a two year finded project, started on April 2002 till, of
course, April 2004.

First official release 0.9 for DeMuDi Agnula is due by November 2002
(which means very soon for us maybe too far if you are impatient...).

While from very soon till November you will be able to start to
download packages from our servers, the official release will be
available at the end of the same month, on CD, Network etc.

There will be important changes, starting with the Graphical
installer, plus decumentation, examples and tutorials.
It will be still based on Debian (woody, with en eye on sid...).

I'm sorry i never upgraded the site nor the news section, but i have
been very busy working for agnula.

Lates news are always available on, and soon this site
too,, will go back to its older splendor...:-)

thank you,
marco trevisani

Sun 14 October 2001 18:17:47

Subject: Mailing Lists and More
As you probably noticed the mailing lists are down...
It has been like this for a while. We had some problem with our original server
We are working to get up a couple of new servers. We should be back sometime during this week.
DeMuDi has been presented and distributed to the ICMC2001 and it was
well received with a lot of interest. It certainly needs a lot of tuning and we
are already working on bugs and other fixing.
As soon as the mailing lists will be working again, also your input and your bug reports will be very important, as well as for your contribution to the project.
Sorry about this black out, this was basically to say that the
project is alive and we are working.
Thank you,
marco trevisani

Sun 09 September 2001 00:26:15

Subject: Bugs report NEW mailing list
We activated a new mailing list just for bugs report.
Please subscribe it, it would hlep us to keep diveded all topics while dealing with the ....few bugs..:-) check --> CONTACTS --> mailing lists. (in the navigation bar on your left).

Mon 03 September 2001 04:07:46

Subject: Download page is active
subject says everything...:-)
Also links are -hopefully- corrects
marco trevisani

Fri 31 August 2001 18:24:07

Subject: Note on apt
The correct line to put in you /etc/apt/source.list file
(if you have DEBIAN already installed n your system
deb woody local main contrib non-free
then run
apt-get update ....
thank you
Marco Trevisani

Thu 30 August 2001 05:53:50

Subject: First ....something availabl
I don't know if it is correct to call it it is our alpha stage.
This is the first real appearance in the world for DeMuDi...
(cds after the ICMC)
It __should__ work while, in any case i would NOT NOT install this in your main disk.
Place it in another partition, if you can, or another disk and try it, play and report
bugs...(give us two days to set up the list for bug not send them to the
already existing lists, just to avoid confusion).

Other ...minor problem:
the image is 557MB

and if you use debian put in your

deb woody local

you should be able to see all thelocal pakages.

MANY THANKS to: Guenter Geiger who did a tremendous job
and to ATNET the Austrian provider who is kindly hosting the distribution

Have fun... (marco trevisani