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With "DeDo" you will be able to browse all the availble packages in DeMuDi (and more in general also in the all Debian distribution. You will be able to see the status, if a packge is either installed or not or if any other kind ofproblem exists. You will be able to se package description and both Debian and Agnula detailed documentation examples and tutorials (only for the socalled core applications).
A part for some original code, DeDo makes extensive use of already existing Debian tools: if you want to learn more about them check the credits page

DeDo ­ DeMuDi Documentation pages
Agnula/DeMuDi Core Packages Core Packages in the agnula server Sound Section Debian packages Debian packages in general
All available packages All available packages All available packages A view of the all available Debian packages in one too much for a human being and a machine too...This call would require too much time. Please use the section menus or the search method.
This is the same, it adds the Status of the package NOTE: It slows down
All available packages and their status All available packages and their status All available packages and their status

GetStatus of the package :

GetStatus of the package :

Search an application in the all database:
This uses "apt-cache" so you can enter a simple word or a valid expression for apt-cache ( apt-cache Documentation)

You can also search using dwww a powerfull documentation search tool for Debian.

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