Dear user,

this is probably not the page you were expecting to see.
Unfortunately, our web site has been used lately as a sort of
trampoline for "web spamming" - in other words, spam-related material,
such as advertisement for businesses selling medicines, has been
uploaded by some "members" of the web site.

As you are probably aware, in order to become a "member" of this
website all that is necessary is to give an email address.  Nowadays
it is quite easy to get a bogus one.

We received many - and well founded - complaints that our web site was
being used as a tool to spam web forums, mailing lists and other 
public or private places on the Internet.  The best solution would be
to track down the offenders one by one, delete their account from our
system and send a notification to the proper abuse departments of the
Internet Service Providers these users are connecting from, in case
this information is somehow available.

However, our workforce is severely limited at the moment.  We do not
have the man power to pursue the best alternative; therefore, we
decided to temporarily disable all public access to members' pages,
while we study how to properly deal with the situation.  We understand
this solution is sub-optimal from many points of view, including the
fact that "temporarily" could mean "quite long" for the reasons
outlined above.

I hope you will bear with us while we try to handle this uncomfortable
- for all the parties involved, including us - situation.

For the AGNULA project,

Andrea Glorioso
sama (at) agnula (dot) org